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Carlsbad New Mexico from the Air!

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Living in a small town has certain advantages over the big city. Tight nit community. Family values, everyone knows everyone. One thing I will say is that you can actually walk up to the Mayor of the town and talk to him/her and shake their hand and have a friendly conversation. Our Mayor does exactly that, you don't get that in a big city.

As small town, we have to offer more than just the few things everyone thinks small town have. We have more to offer. We have an award winning Marching Band. You can hear them play from many many blocks away on game night and practices. We can say that out sports program is one of the best in the South Eastern part of the state. We have had many players over they years head off to prestigious colleges, go to the majors and then come back to Carlsbad to own businesses that provide jobs for the residents of our town. They haven't forgotten where they came from. They support this town. We have a zoo here that is geared toward the indigenous animals that are in the desert southwest. Not only do they have the animals but they actually have a flora/fauna room with the many plants and cacti you find in the desert (my grandfather would love it, he grew up in Demming NM). Worth the visit and of course we have the Carlsbad Caverns here as well. A definite must see. But, reservations are needed to enter.

One side note to add. We had a famous movie star (Dan Blocker) teach and coach at Eddy Elementary here in town before he moved on to Hollywood to star in Bonanza as Hoss Cartwright.

Yes, we are home to the Gas and Oil industry. But we also have the potash industry that has been here for well over 80+ years and is one of the major jobs here in town to have. We have 2 of the largest companies here in North America. Good companies that do all they can to support our town. We also have the WIPP site that supports out town and is another source on economic support for the town.

There is more to this little town than most thing. We have tons of hiking trails, a waterfall in the desert! Yes I said water fall! Parts of the Pecos river that are the color of aqua marine that you can floating a tube all day long in the summer under a shade tree or swing from a rope on a branch.

So, take the time to stop in and visit us on your next road trip. Pick up some Red or Green Chilies while you're here in season. You'll love them if you're a fan of chilies and spice in your food.

There is so much more I could write about this tiny little town. But this would be a very very long blog post. We would rather you come visit us and see for yourself.


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