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The Elephant in the Digital Darkroom

Read a great post on the costs of Film Storage over Digital in the motion picture industry and also pertains to Film vs. digital Photography.

This took me back to the days of being able to look at my negatives in my hand to where today I have to open my computer, find the files on the HDD or disc, then open the program to view them.

This is why last year I went back to shooting film for my own personal work and after a year it has worked it's way into my pro work as well. I can't deny that I have a renewed interest in photography and will continue to shoot film until it's dying breath. As well it has freed up a lot of time spent behind a computer screen editing....which at 1st was very odd thing to experience but I got used to being able to look at the images and then be done within an hour of choosing photos.

So follow the link and read the article. You may be surprised to see what it says.

The Elephant In The Digital Dark Room

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