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Diabetics Making A difference

Good Afternoon,

I hope this post find you all well today. Todays' blog is a bit different if you can't tell from the title.

This is actually an on going project I will be working on for a long time. You see diabetes has affected my family as it stands for the last 6 years. Both of my children were diagnosed as Type 1 diabetics right when they went into thier teenage years. Now , tell me, is this how you want to enter your teens years, which are supposed to be the best years of your childhood? No, I didn't think so!

I will admit when I 1st found out about this. I didn't know how to handle nor did my son, then my daughter. But this nasty nasty disease runs in the family. I , we were both at a loss. Some day swe still are.

It is definitely hard to sit and watch your child act a s pin cushion for insulin and the finger pricks on a daily basis.I wish I could take it away from them and have it disappear, what parent doesn't hate to see their children suffer? Then eventually move up to a pump and sensor. Even then you still have to insert the sites and sensor about every three days. Sometimes I wish I could take away all of this. They both feel like like a bad science experiment gone wrong with all the sensors and pumps they have to monitor.

It's not easy to keep up with and then there are days when you just say screw it! Which they have and so have several other Type 1's I have meet. So I have been kicking around an idea for the last couple of years. To help me to deal with this horrible disease by taking photos of Type 1 who are making a difference in their own little part of the world.

You see, T1D should not be a barrier that holds anyone back...even the military should take them. But that's an entirely different blog post. But to say since you have a debilitating disease, you can't join the club or do this or that. Screw that! Their are professional football players in the NFL today as well as succesful business men and women who did not let this stop them.

So I have started this project recently with a local young lady who has has this disease for the last 6 years or more. Not sure of the exact numbers. But the way she is changing her world and others is by attending school as a Fashion Designer.

She has not let this rule her and she is a strong willed young lady who is determined to show that she surely can jion the club and play in the proverbial sandbox with the big kids. She actually attending HS with my son, so she knows all to well what he went thru and went thru some herself I am guessing.

So world, watch out for this young and fierce lady. She is going to set the world on fire!

I present to you Ms. Peyton!

<img src="" alt="PG_JAN2018_1-6.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="PG_JAN2018_1-17.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="PG_JAN2018_1-13.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="PG_JAN2018_1-19.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="PG_JAN2018_1-33.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="PG_JAN2018_1-36.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="PG_JAN2018_1-26.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="PG_JAN2018_1-46.jpg" />


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