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Chelsea in the Sacramneto Mountains

Greetings one and all!

I hope this day find you all well and warm (depending on when and where you’re reading this)! I recently had the good fortune to work with Chelsea again. This time we got to travel up to Cloudcroft New Mexico for a session in the snow! This actually located in the Lincoln National Forrest and the Mountain range are the Sacramento Mountains. I was driving up and was worried that there was no snow yet the weather and city cams said there was. Luckily as soon as I arrived inside city limits there was snow!

We meet up and decided to head to a place that I have shot in before. Its a wooded area with hiking trails and plenty of variations for backdrops that go well and is suited for many different outfits. The 1st outfit we decided upon was perfect for the location we choose.

<img src="" alt="CH_01252020_P400_web.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="CH_p400_01252020_rz67_1.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="CH_p400_01252020_rz67_7.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="CH_p400_01252020_rz67_10.1.jpg" />


The next location was the same outift but a completely different vibe and feel. It went so well with the dress that we just had to do it . There were a lot of shadows in this area that played well with the dress and her expressions as well as really good lighting.

<img src="" alt="CH_01252020_FP4_RZ67_1.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="CH_01252020_FP4_RZ67_2.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="CH_01252020_FP4_RZ67_4.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="CH_01252020_FP4_RZ67_8.jpg" />


The last set I am sharing is more of a lingerie set in the snow. The great thing about this is that the coat she is wearing was actually made by her using some fabric and staples the night before and it turned out great. You may wonder about the images and ask if she was cold. She wasn’t, it was actually about 50 degrees up there that day and with the exception of 1 or 2 very short small breezes it was a very nice day to photograph this entire session.

<img src="" alt="CH_400h_01252020_rz67_1.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="CH_400h_01252020_rz67_3.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="CH_400h_01252020_rz67_4.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="CH_400h_01252020_rz67_6.jpg" />


I hope you have enjoyed the images as much as we had creating them. This was a great session. We don’t normally get much in the way of snow in the lower parts of SE New Mexico. We have to drive up to places like this for the snow and when we do. WE can get images like this that turn out fantastic. So if your interested in booking a session, by all means please reach out so we can schedule your session. Now I can’t promise a snow session every time. But sessions in the mountains are always fun, espcially in the summer time. A lot cooler then down in the desert.

Have and amazing day everyone!


“Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.” Grace Kelly

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