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Chelsea - Desert Days in Texas

Good Day to you all.

Today's' post brings you Chelsea. A little back story. We meet back in March in El Paso at a shoot out. Her presence in front of the camera is amazing. Here off camera presence is even better.....she'll be the 1st to admit she's a goofball and not afraid to make fun of herself or just act silly. I have seen it. It's pretty hilarious!

Now, about this shoot. It was a blistering hot day. Luckily we stayed hydrated with plenty of water...come on we were in the desert. We started off in Salt Flat, Texas with the Guadalupe Mountains as the back drop. The skies were blue and a small amount of clouds. Wish there had been more.

From there we moved on to an abandoned Cotton Mill in Dell City. Great place to shoot, inside out of the sun and heat. But, we had to contend with some crazy flies that decided they wanted bite us...which made for interesting pose and facial expressions. But when you have an old industrial place to shoot in, the price you pay is small for fly bites when the photos come out so good!

Enough of the story, on to the photos. That why you're really here anyway. Chelsea, Thanks for taking the time to hang with me and help create some amazing images!

For all the technical info. Gear used for the outside photos were the Fuji XT2, 23MM 1.4, 85MM 1.2 and Profoto D1 with a Zoom Reflector. Indoor/Outdoor at Cotton Mill was all natural light

<img src="" alt="ch_SF_060218_1.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="ch_SF_060218_4.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="ch_SF_060218_10.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="ch_SF_060218_24.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="ch_SF_060218_14.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="ch_SF_060218_15.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="ch_SF_060218_43.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="ch_SF_060218_44.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="ch_SF_060218_47.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="ch_SF_060218_59.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="web139.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="web140.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="web141.jpg" />


<img src="" alt="web142.jpg" />

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