Today post is not just one set of images, it a post comprised of a few sets. Images are from my recent work. Everyone is getting in on this one.

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Aubrey - Sunday Fun in July!

She is a delight to work with, great attitude and geuinely all around classy.  She was on time and prompt as well as ready to go when she arrived. We used our local flume for the 1st back drop and then the local college for the the finals shots in just different locations. I think the images turned out really well and she liked them as well.

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Alyssa - A Phoenix from the Ashes!

It's not hard to say that it is very easy to work with her in just about any setting. She goes with the flow and has an uncanny knack of posing with out or very little direction. It is indeed a pleasure working with her on projects.

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Tannah in the Texas Desert

We started early by heading out to Salt Flat, Texas. Just on the other side of the Guadalupe Mountains if your coming from Carlsbad, NM.  Oddly enough we arrived and their was a film crew there from Dallas filming and Indie movie.

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Tannah - Red Hair Don't Care

From her reaction I'd say she is quite happy with her images as well as all the likes and comments she has been getting from her friends...it was an unexpected look from her and they loved it.

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Portland Trip!

I won't bore you with senses dribble about he session., I'll just let the images do the talking. Enjoy them and please leave comments if you like them. Have a great day!

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Jayden - Studio Portraits for your soul

Recent session with Jayden....

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Briana and the Caddy meet the Sony A7 (Editorial Shoot)

With out fail Briana is a natural in front of  the camera and always is on point for her sessions. Of course, when you have a car of this caliber to use as the prop....it never hurts. Also she is the one who does all of her own Hair and Makeup, she is in school and almost finished her course for MUHA (Make up and Hair Artist).

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The Davis Family: A New Mexico Family Portrait Session

The photos were all taken in a and around Carlsbad, New Mexico. It was a sunny and pleasantly nice day weather wise...not a lot of wind...thankfully. If you're from Carlsbad you know we tend to have a lot of wind this time of year.

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A Wedding of Galatic Proportions: Rebels and The Empire unite!!

 There were wookies, jawa's stroomtroopers and many other members of the Star wars Universe present. 

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Why I do what I do!

 Memories of loved ones, plain and simple, is why I do what I do.  The main reason I got into photographing weddings was a mystery to me up until a couple of weeks ago when I saw something that made me stop and think: Why am I doing this? I thought and it hit me: Family and loved ones. This made think back to my grandparents being there for my Wedding. I was fortunate enough to have them there, my grandmother was battling a brain tumor at the time, but she wanted to see her only grandson walk down the isle. Less than 2 years later I lost both my grand parents. 

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Lexi's Portrait Session

It actually turned out even better. Lots of shade, sun rays coming thru trees and dandelions floating in the air, which made for some cool shots. 

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The Griffith's: A Texas Family Portrait session

I recently had the pleasure to travel to Texas to photograph The Griffith's: A Texas Family

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Carlsbad NM CavernFest 2016

Good Day Friends,


 Recently Carlsbad NM held their 1st ever annual CavernFest. This was to show what our  town has to offer to the tourists that visit us each year,  such as home cooked southwest meals (including our favorite green and red chilies),home grown vegetables,  arts, crafts, culture and good old hospitality. Of course our National Park "The Carlsbad Caverns".

 The day started off with a blessing from Pastor Dave (Thanks Dave for kicking it off the right way), he was also our MC thru-out the day with great commentary.  Mayor Dale Janway made a speech accompanied by awarding Karla Hamel for all her hard work putting together the event as the Director of the Carlsbad Mainstreet Project, which created the event and was sponsored by The City of Carlsbad.

Thru out the day there were Barbershop quartets, Bands and face painting. Accompanied with all the local business owners representing Carlsbad with booths and local items from Carlsbad for sale and to promote awareness of the community.

The day finished off with a concert with performances by The Henningsens and Little Texas.

(even a little rain didn't stop the event)

A heartfelt thank you goes to, The City of Carlsbad, Mayor Dale Janway, Karla Hamel,  Jason Shirley, Red Rocket Video, Curtis McKinney, Mosaic Potash all the other sponsors and all the volunteers who made this possible.

I'll leave you with slide show of the highlights from the day.