I recently did a session with another local model who is battling her own demons in the form of depression and anxiety. We had talked a few weeks prior about ideas and concepts for the session. We came up with a few solid ideas and luckily enough I was able to capture it all in one multiple exposure image.

For some of the other ideas we discussed we will be doing them at another time in a different location. So sty tuned for those.

Now of those reading this post, please take care to not judge anyone who might be suffering from depression or anxiety. If you've never experienced it yourself, then you can know what it's like. This session was pretty as much  a therapy session for the both us and I must say it was nice to be able to step outside my boundaries of photography. It felt great to be able to help someone bring this to light and not have it hidden.

So enjoy the images and if they move you. Feel free to leave a comment.

All images were shot on a Mamiya M645 with Kodak TRI-X film.