Tannah - Red Hair Don't Care

Happy Easter Everyone,

 Todays post brings you Tannah. An amazing & bright young lady who is outgoing and loves to create new and exciting things. We had been talking back and forth tossing ideas around for a couple of weeks until we decided on the looks that follow.

 We started off with looks to ease into the other more creative looks. Even these looks are more out of the norm for her, as she used to doing bright and airy looks for other photographers.  She was wanting more mutted and subdued looks to begin with, plus this gave me the chance to work with some color grading and different lighting set ups. I  think we got the images right where they were supposed to be for the 1st set and the progression went from there into the other sets.

Hair and make were provided by Compton Cassidy.  She truly did an outstanding job with the looks we were aiming for! 

I have to say she is a pleasure to work with  and likes to mix up and show her different sides when it comes to fashion modeling.  From her reaction I'd say she is quite happy with her images as well as all the likes and comments she has been getting from her friends...it was an unexpected look from her and they loved it.

So enjoy the images!


Fuji Reala - Expired 2005

Fuji Reala - Expired 2005

Fuji Reala - Expired 2005