Portland Trip!

Good Morning all!

  Recently I took a trip up to Portland Oregon for a workshop on film developing and some lighting. But more for the developing. The work shop was with Kelly-Shane Fuller of Piratelogy Studios. He is in his own right a Wizard in the film community. The instruction I received from him greatly improved my developing skills instantly.

Portra 160 rated at 100

After ironing out all the details Kelly-Shane picked a great location and model @rosecitymonster/@lillemonster to pose for the session.  She is an outstanding model who pulled off the looks perfectly for the theme we wanted. As you can see in the photos it is apparent. Of course it helped to have a muscle car and retro Gas station for the backdrop. Also didn't hurt that the weather was a bit rainy and added the wet look to the ground. (Gotta love the PNW)!

I won't bore you with senses dribble about the session., I'll just let the images do the talking. Enjoy them and please leave comments if you like them. Have a great day!

Outfits were provide by @bypoehler, which were gorgeous outfits that worked perfectly with the theme of the shoot.

P.S. Yes, this was an entire film session. 

Camera used was a Mamiya 645AF.

Flying A Service - Portra 160 

Nothing to see here - Portra 160

Hmmmmm.... - Portra 160

Waiting my Turn - Portra 160

Out of Service - Portraits 160

Super Extra - Ilford PanF

No self service here - Ilford PanF

It can't rain all the time - Ilford PanF

11 cent Tax - Ilford PanF

Petrol Noir - Ilford PanF

Rose City retro - Ilford PanF

Decadent Beauty - Ilford PanF