Who I am

This post today is a little closer to home.

In Fall of last year I took a trip home for some client work. While there and in between sessions. I  took a trip to where I grew up in my 1st 5 - 6 years of living Fort Worth. These years had a big impact on my life and have stuck with me thru out the years to remind me where I came from. It wasn't the best,  nor the easiest but it made me who I am and reminds me that what I have could be all be gone in a minute. Plus, I made some really good memories and  friends that I still talk to still to this day.

This 1st image is in the backyard of my grandparents house, which my mom inherited after their passing. The house was bought and built right after WWII.  Now, this shed was there in the 1970's when we used to come visit from Georgia. Plus it was where all my toys were kept. This shot was taken in 2016. So a shed to stand this long and still be standing...they don't make them like that any more folks.

Shed in my Grandparents back yard. Zorki 4 | Ilford HP5

This image is one I am proud of, not for the image itself but what it shows. I helped my grandfather build this walkway on the side of the house in the early 80's.  Not sure how much longer it will be here. The house was just sold.

Brick Walkway - 1980's Zorki 4 | Ilford HP5

Now the next few images are of the apartments that I grew up in after my mom and I moved out of my grandparents house. These apts, hold a lot of good memories for me and like mentioned in the opening paragraph. Shaped my life and gave me some of the street smarts  I Have today.  Lots of fun was had here with many of the friends I made. No details will be given.

Hangout - 1980's Zorki 4 | Ilford HP5

Social Interaction (before cell phones, internet and a connected world) -  1980's Zorki 4 | Ilford HP5

This was the courtyard we played football in all the time. The Trees were not there in the 80's. Zorki 4 | Ilford HP5

Home - this was the courtyard where our 1st apt was. 1980's Zorki 4 | Ilford HP5

This was the courtyard of our 2nd apt.  The pergola was not there int he 80's. 1980's Zorki 4 | Ilford HP5

The next couple images are of the school I attended as well as my friends did. Mclean Middle school. Couldn't get any shots of the front due to a marching being held there that day.

McLean Middle school gym wall. Lots of interesting things happen here very morning. 1980's Zorki 4 | Ilford HP5

The football field. We played here as well before class stared. No pads or helmet were involved, you suffered with the injuries all day. Good times. 1980's Zorki 4 | Ilford HP5

So this was a trip down memory lane for me and was a change of pace just to be able to step back in time to remember who I am. I don't live n the past, but you can not forget the past and what shaped you to be who you are now. Don't forget where you camw from!