Jayden - Studio Portraits for your soul

Recently I had the pleasure to work with a young lady who happens to be a runner. She has been back home from college and taking a break. Working a lot, we had to find the time to fit the session into her schedule. We finally did and the photos below are the results. She has several funny faces that added hilarity to the session.

Jayden, thank you for getting in front of my camera for some fun portraits.

I just want to have fun!

Is it Beanie weather yet?

Just doing my thing!

They call me the breeze!

Model, who me?

My serious face

I'm not a model, but I play one on TV.

Money, success, Fame.....who needs it?

Everything little thing is going to be alright!

The difference between you and me, is I make this look good!

Say cheese!

The entertainment is here, relax!