Carlsbad History in Photos: Circa 40's - 50's

Earlier this year I picked up a box of photos from the golden age of photography.  It had in it mini albums, actual prints and a few negatives.  The amazing thing about these images is that they are a representation of the local community and the family in the photos.

The photos were all developed by Robert Nymeyer Studios here in Carlsbad. The photos after 45 to 50 years in a a box more than likely, have held up very well, as well as the negatives. I did scan a couple to see how the would turn out. They turned out perfect.

The family in the majority of the photos are the Helberts (E.L. and Winona) with some of the images that include her and her father as well. Also included are images of Winona's parents I think and then a some of infants and toddlers in later years. I can not really do these images justice by trying to  explaining them. 

I did finally go thru the mini albums and some of them showed the flood that hit Carlsbad in  April of 1942 (that's form the research I did on the USGS site. Hs some shots of the Rec center that was the power station back then I guess.

It's good to be able to find images like this that can link us to the past especially when they are of the local community and how they lived life.

Well I will stop boring you with hapless text and let you enjoy the images.


Ginger Carole Lilly

Mary Ellen Helbert

new car

Images from negative scans


Robert Nymeyer Studio, Carlsbad NM