Briana and the Caddy meet the Sony A7 (Editorial Shoot)

This past August I had the chance to work with a local model I have worked with before. But this time was a bit different. I was asked to shoot her and her dad's lowrider Caddy for lowrider magazine.  Now, with that said, he is a member of the local lowrider car club, which  by the way does a whole lot for our local community and are involved in helping to make our community better.

With out fail Briana is a natural in front of  the camera and always is on point for her sessions. Of course, when you have a car of this caliber to use as the never hurts. Also she is the one who does all of her own Hair and Makeup, she is in school and almost finished her course for MUHA (Make up and Hair Artist).

All images were shot on the Sony A7 with a Fotodiox efs adapter and Canon 24-70 lens with Profoto D1 1000's.


Enjoy the images!

Briana and Daddies Caddy

Rolling  Low

Yeah, I know I'm bad!

Where my riders at?

What ya looking?

Ghost Face

Kickin' back with the low low

This is how I roll!

I'm out!