No Resolutions, but New habits.

Every year we all make New Years resolutions that we never wind up keeping. SO this year I will be developing new habits. They say hard habits are hard to break and it takes 30 days to make new one. So I am embarking on this journey to make new habits.


This past year was wrought and filed with crazy things both personal and professional. I hope it has taught me something for this year. I look forward to these new adventures in making new habits and treating my self more self discipline  to achieve these. So now here are the new habits for 2016.

1. Take better care of myself. (see #2)

2. More time for family.

3. Shoot more film for clients and personal work.

4. Travel more.


So,  not to many habits, but good one that require some thought and dedication to. I look forward to what this year will bring.

With that I will leave you with a slide show of last years photos. It is a mix of film and digital.